Q: How do I use my points?  (Our Points Program was updated on Jan 1, 2018)

A: First make sure you have an Account with us by Registering. If you have an account, first log in. Once you're logged in, look for the black button on the bottom right of the website "Rewards Program". You should not have to scroll down to see it. Click this button. You will get a popup of the points system. You will see that you can view your points balance, and request a discount code. Once you have redeemed a discount code, make sure you use it at checkout before submitting the purchase. If you checkout before using the code, we cannot add it after the purchase. You will then need to use the code on the following purchase.

Q: How many points do I need with the Sassy Rewards program to receive a discount?

A: You need 500 points to receive $5 off, which will be applied on the next order when redeemed. You must redeem the points during the order process to receive a discount. There is a minimum dollar amount you must spend to use each coupon as shown below.

$5 Off Coupon (Must have $15 in your cart before the coupon can be applied)

$10 Off Coupon (Must have $20 in your cart before the coupon can be applied)

$15 Off Coupon (Must have $40 in your cart before the coupon can be applied)

$20 Off Coupon (Must have $50 in your cart before the coupon can be applied)

Visit the tab in the lower right of the website, to access Sassy Rewards.

Q: Do I get points for what I spent on shipping and taxes?

A: Unfortunately we only give points on what you spend on the products itself.

Q: If I forget to use my points, can I still apply them after my order?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot apply points after an order is made. The coupon codes generated by the points system are created to be entered in at checkout. So the system can only give you the discount if you first redeem your points coupon, then apply it at checkout.

Q: How long will my points last?

A: Rewards Accounts with no purchase points accumulated may be removed after 6 months of inactivity. You will be able to create another rewards account when you come back to make a purchase in the future. Rewards Accounts with 125 or more points are subject to removal Only If they are idle for over a year's time. We reserve the right to terminate any Rewards Account as we see fit.

Q: Will I pay import taxes?

A: Many countries require paying an import tax or VAT tax. If you are outside the USA, before making an order, please email us and we can discuss how to help you. If you are in the UK, click the link for more info.  UK Import Tax Info

Q: Where is the new Released Products?

A: You can find the new Release under the "New Release" tab. If you're sure there is a new release and the products are not showing, or a coming soon page is showing on our website, try clearing the "cache and cookies" in your web browser, then reload the page.

Q: Why is my Shipping so high?

A: Certain countries have high shipping rates from the USA. The shipping price will depend on the country of delivery & the size and weight of the package. We can recommend getting a US forwarding address to save on shipping products you purchase in the USA. Visit this website for more info. https://www.shipito.com/en/


Q: What happens if I accidentally double order? (Meaning the same products twice)

A: If this happens, please contact us and we will be glad to refund the duplicate items whenever possible. If item has already shipped then no refund will be issued. 

Q: Was my order processed / charged?

A: If you received an email with an order # on the same day in question, your order has been processed. Sometimes the email can have a short delay, so if you order near midnight, the email may be a different date than the order itself.

Q: Why haven't I received my order?

A: If you did not receive an email with an order #, then you never actually placed an order. Shopify sometimes sends out a confusing email thanking you for an order that was never placed. This is rare, but has happened before. Please be assured, you are not being charged unless you manually place an order on our website. If you have a question about an order, or whether you have placed an order, contact us and we would be glad to help. 

Q: What is the Stamp made out of?

A: Photo Polymer - Our Stamps are the Highest Quality available Photo Polymer and are Made Only in the USA

Q: How do I use a Stamp from these Stamp Sets?

A: Gently peel a stamp from the backing and stick to an Acrylic block. Press the stamp into Stamping Ink and Stamp. When you're finished, be sure to clean off your stamp. Re-apply the stamp to the backing for storage.

Q: What happens if my order gets lost?

A: This is an unfortunate situation that is difficult for a small business owner. Once the package is given to the Post Office, the package is no longer in my control. If you're in the USA and would like to purchase Insurance, please contact us and we will be glad to sell you insurance for your package. If you purchased Insurance and your package gets lost, we must first report the lost package to the Post Office. The Post Office must first investigate the Lost Package before they redeem the value of the package. This may take 2-3 weeks before we hear back from the Post Office. Once the Post Office confirms the lost Package and redeems the value of the package, we will quickly ship out a duplicate of your original order. Only one replacement per insured order. 

Q: Do you provide Tracking for International Orders?

A: Since Shopify won't automatically email you a tracking #, please contact us if you would like a tracking # and we can provide one to you.

Q: Will I receive Customs charges if I am International?

A: We do our best to help avoid Customs charges for our customers. However, we are not liable for these charges and will not pay for them. If you receive a customs charge, please let us know about it, so we can try and avoid the charge next time.

Q:  Do you provide refunds?  

A:  No, but there may be some exceptions to the rule. That rule is subject to my discretion. We get very little refund requests, so we are confident you will love your products. :)

Q: Why doesn't my coupon code work?

A: Many coupons are limited of time offers or are limited to a set number of uses. When coupons are limited to a set amount of uses, they are first come first serve. We may not disclose the amount of coupons we will accept and reserve the right to discontinue a coupon at anytime. We suggest using coupons soon after receiving them.

Q: How are Freebies and Giveaways distributed?

A: Occasionally, Freebies and Giveaways are offered as a promotion. Freebies are always first come first serve and are only given out during a new release soon after we announce a freebie product(s) will be given. Once the Freebies run out, then they will no longer be given. If you did not receive a freebie, then they ran out before you placed your order. The amount of Freebies given will vary by the product and other varying factors. Giveaways are randomly drawn using a randomizing software to pick the winner. We will always provide the terms before the Giveaway, since each Giveaway is different. If you win the Giveaway, we will always provide the shipping unless otherwise stated in the terms of the specific Giveaway. We Never guarantee freebies for promotions and are always while supplies last. 



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