Sassy Rewards

Our Points Rewards Program is the best in the industry!
You must first Register an account with us, then visit the Pink Button in the bottom left of the website. Once the popup window shows, click "Register".
If you already have an account, click the link that says "Login".
Earn 5 Points for every $1 spent with us.
Earn 15 Free points to create the rewards account.
Earn 25 Free points to follow us on Instagram through the rewards system.
Even earn 50 Free points on your birthday.
Every 500 points earned gives you $5 credit towards products in our store.
Redeeming Points for Coupons:
$20 Off - Must Have $45 of product in the Cart
$15 Off - Must have $30 of product in the Cart
$10 Off - Must have $24 of product in the Cart
$5 Off - Must have $15 of product in the Cart
Rewards Coupon codes can only be used on Individual Clear stamps not already significantly discounted. "On Sale" or "Retiring" Collections are examples of significant discounts.
To redeem points, Login to your account by clicking the "Login" link on the navigation bar.
Then, click the Pink button in the bottom right of your screen labeled "Rewards"
Click the link "Spend your Points" and select an option to redeem.
Once you made your selection, the system will provide you with a code to redeem the dollar amount you selected. If you do not use your coupon code, just login to your account and visit the points system to retrieve the coupon code you redeemed.
When you checkout with your stamps, you will enter the code in on the checkout page. You will see an instant reduction in the total price.
Don't forget to do the last step, since the system doesn't allow me to discount orders that were already placed. We also cannot void a coupon code once you redeem it, so make sure you want the dollar amount you redeem for, because only one coupon code can be used per order.
We do not allow Rewards coupons to be used on bundles, subscriptions and other stamps that already have a significant discount unless mentioned otherwise.
So buy yourself some clear stamps and earn yourself some points girl!


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