The Sassy Club's Terms and Conditions

By purchasing a product on, you hereby agree to the following Terms of Service for We Reserve the right to update our Terms and Conditions at any time.


Be sure to create an Account in the top right of the Home Page. This way you can receive rewards points and we can better track orders and shipping information. We will only use your email for updates and discount opportunities. We do not share your information with any third parties.


We provide tracking for all packages in the USA only. For US customers, you will also get an email notification when the package is shipped which will contain the tracking information. If you do not get the email, please contact me and I will assist you. If a package goes missing, we are not responsible for replacing those items. Once we ship your package, unfortunately it is in the Post Office's hands to deliver your product in a timely and orderly fashion. We do our very best to ship items as quickly as possible.

Shipping pricing is based on weight and size of each product per your country.

Countries Allowed to Purchase

Most countries are allowed to purchase. If the shipping calculation does not allow you to proceed, please contact us.

Customs Charges

We do our best to help avoid Customs charges for our customers. However, we are not liable for these charges and will not pay for them. If you receive a customs charge, please let us know about it, so we can try and avoid the charge next time.


If you're in the USA, all priority mail comes with $50 worth of insurance. All other orders, you may purchase insurance in the USA if you would like to. Please contact us to purchase. 

Lost or Damaged Items

If you bought Insurance for your purchase for a US order, we will replace the purchase as soon as USPS pays us the value of these items. We are not liable for lost or damaged items Internationally nor orders in the USA which are not qualified for insurance. It is your responsibility to contact your local post office if your package goes missing. If you cannot resolve the issue, and you have an insured purchase, contact me to receive further assistance.

Rewards Program

Our Rewards Program gives you points for your purchase that can be redeemable later as coupons. You must have an account with us and be logged in to your account during your purchases to benefit. When you have at least 500 pts, you can retrieve the coupon code by logging into your account and clicking the black button in the bottom right of the page. Copy the coupon code and paste it at the checkout page. If you do not have an account with us, you will need to register one before utilizing the Rewards Program. Make sure the discount is applied before finishing your order. If you did not use a coupon on a purchase, we can not apply it once the order is made. Also, if you were not logged into your account with us during a purchase, points cannot be added after the fact. New Rewards Accounts whom have not made a purchase within 2 months will be removed. You will be able to create another rewards account when you come back to make a purchase in the future. Rewards Accounts with 125 or more points are subject to removal Only If they are idle for over a year's time. The Sassy Club LLC reserves the right to terminate any Rewards Account as we see fit, such as accounts inactive more than 4-8 weeks time. The Sassy Club LLC reserves the right to terminate the Rewards program if ever necessary. If The Sassy Club LLC ever decides to terminate the Rewards program, customers will receive at least 1 week notice to use their points before termination of the program.

Give-Aways and Freebies

Freebies are always first come first serve and are only given out during a new release soon after we announce a freebie product(s) will be given. Generally Freebies are given with a specified Stamp Bundle. Please read each Bundle Product Description for details before purchasing. Once the Freebie Offer runs out, Freebie Stamps will no longer be given. The amount of Freebies given will vary by the product, bundle and/or other varying factors. Giveaways are randomly drawn using a randomizing software to pick the winner. We will always provide the terms before the Giveaway, since each Giveaway is different. If you win the Giveaway, we will always provide the shipping unless otherwise stated in the terms of the specific Giveaway.


Refunds are not accepted unless there is a exceptional situation to the rule. We stand behind our work and always make sure we deliver quality products. If something is lacking, we love feedback so we know how we can improve anything.


Our website is encrypted with a 256 bit SSL. This means our website has a high security layer to protect payment information. Paypal purchases have the same protection from Paypal's website. Your payment information is important to us. 


Discounts unfortunately cannot be applied to an order after the order has been placed. Discounts cannot be combined. Kindly please refrain from sharing discount coupons. We reserve the right to discontinue coupons and discounts at any time. 



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