Stamp Subscription (Bundle Monthly Re-curring2)

Stamp Subscription (Bundle Monthly Re-curring2)

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Our Monthly Stamp Subscription is our Stamp Bundle w/ extra 10% OFF

The Extra Discount is for the extra time you are Pre-Ordering your stamp bundle in Advance every Month.

You will get the following every month:

  • (5) 4x6 Stamp Sets
  • (1) Freebie Set. Either 3x4 or 2x6

International Shipments Welcome !!

Full Subscription Terms

How the Subscription Works:

  • There is a 3 Month Commitment for this Subscription before we allow Cancellations. Skipped months do not contribute to this timeline. Therefore you must have 3 Charge months for scheduled deliveries before you may request to cancel. You must cancel before the 4th "Charge Day", as you will have 1 full month between the 3rd and 4th charge day assuming you have not used any skip months because they do not contribute towards having 3 charge months. No refunds will be given if you do not cancel before the 4th Charge day. This rule applies when canceling before any Charge day from that point on.
  • Products are automatically delivered every month.
  • Your first monthly charge is the day you sign up and will cover your first shipment
  • You will be charged each month on "Charge Day" which is the 1st of each month. Shipments will usually be sent out between the 20th-31st of each month which is a few weeks after Charge Day. Timing varies depending on when we get our product.
  • Shipments can take "up to" the 1st of the following month to ship and "up to" that 9th of that following month to receive your package. However, usually you will receive it sooner, but this depends on several possible factors. If it's your first month, what the Post Office delivery times are that month, where you are in the world, and things that are out of our control, such as new pandemic events, our health since we are a family owned company, and acts of God.
  • Cutoff Day for the month is the 19th day of each month. Orders after cutoff will go towards the next subscription delivery. (If your first order is between the 20th-31st of the month, you will get the next Month's theme about 1 Month later and you will not be getting the products from months prior). However, You will not get double charged on charge day "1st". Our system will know to wait a month to charge on the 1st of the month there after for your second Month's order and so forth.
  • Skip a Month Requests can be made in your Subscriptions Dashboard and you are afforded "2" Skips per 12 Months you are subscribed.
  • Coupons of any kind cannot be used on the Subscription. However, coupons can be used on individual stamps ordered separately. Make sure you read what the requirements are of the coupon. Example $20 OFF towards $50 of individual clear stamps. Merchandise products such as T-Shirts and Mugs, ship from a fulfillment center and therefore cannot be combined with Paper Craft products nor Subscriptions.
  • We can not add products or combine shipping with subscriptions.
  • Shipping will be automatically be calculated for your region, as well as how much product you added to your order.

Full Subscription Terms



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