Cardmaking Accessories

Card making

Card making can be simple and fun or it can be intricate and detailed.

There are many tools and accessories that you could purchase to make a nice looking card, but we would like to suggest a few art supplies that will bring your card making skills to the next level. 

We suggest using photopolymer stamps, dies, copic markers, colored pencils, a good acrylic block, quick drying stamp ink, and a nice heavy weight card stock.

Photopolymer stamps are much better quality than acrylic stamps, as they will leave a better impression nearly 100% of the time.

Shield stamps

A good acrylic block helps when stamping an image because a good block will assist in giving you a good stamp impression. This way, you are not stamping the image several times while trying to line it up again, which is frustrating and can potentially waste paper.

A quick drying stamp ink will prevent you from accidentally smudging your stamped image. We recommend our Sassy Inks because they are a type of ink that will prevent bleed through on many types of paper.

Clear Stamps

A good heavy weight card stock will give you a nice product to work with, as well as a great finished product for whom ever your card will be given to. You will have an easier time coloring on the paper and will be proud to give it to your family and friends.

Card making accessories

Dies are great if you want to cut out a stamp image with perfect accuracy so you can layer this image on the card you are designing, which can add depth and make your card design pop!

Card making techniques

Copic markers are some of the best markers in the world. Even though they cost a bit more than a standard marker, they are great for shading, creating depth and layering. After stamping an image, you can use copic markers to add color to the image and bring it to life! Copic markers offer over 100 different colors, so there are endless possibilities.

Colored pencils are great if you want to either save a little money from buying copic markers, or if you simply would like a different finish on your paper. Colored pencils generally appear to be more matte than copic markers on most mediums.

Card Making accessories

We hope you enjoyed this list of recommended card making supplies and we hope to see all of your finished cards on our facebook group!




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